Workshops & Parties

Have your next party or team building event with us at one of our BEGINNER FRIENDLY workshops!  Our workshops are always a blast and we can accommodate all age groups and body types.  Birthday parties, corporate team building, bachelor or bachelorette parties, family reunions, girls’ night out and just about anything else that you can dream up are great for our workshops.  Expect to go upside, swing in a knot and to take lots of photos!  All participants will be working low to the ground, over a crash mat and will be hand spotted throughout the entire lesson. There are no prerequisites for this lesson, just come prepared to have fun trying something new! 

Small/Medium Group Package 6-16 Participants

  • Typically consists of a two to one ratio of apparatus to participants. Participants will take turns using the apparatus
  • 1 hour long - $40 per person 

Medium Group Package 17-29 Participants; 

  • Typically consists of a three to one ratio of apparatus to participants. Participants will take turns using the apparatus
  • 1 hour & 15 minutes long - $40 per person

Large Group Package 30+Participants

  • 1.5 hours long - $40 per person

To Book:

We book workshops on Saturdays from 2-5pm, and Sundays from 3-6pm. Contact Marion with a few dates and times that would work for your group and we will check availability. Once you are ready to book, we require full payment for the minimum number of participants. You can add more people to your event up to 3 days before the event start date. In order to participate, each individual must complete an online registration and digital waiver prior to the day of the event. Come fly with us! 

For more info or to book, email

We’re happy to answer your questions and schedule your workshop ASAP but we may be up in the air teaching classes so it might take up to 48 hours to respond.

Am I too old for trapeze?
Many people think that they are "too old" to take aerial classes. In most cases this is not true! Our students have ranged in age from 5 to 80 years old, and at Bumbershoot we pride ourselves on a clear, accessible teaching technique that makes the benefits of aerial arts accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels!
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