Tween Slings Choreography

Bumbershoot Aerial Arts
2200 Gravois Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63104

Mackenzie Prather

Saturday Jun 26, 2021 10:30 am-12:00 pm

Join us for Sling Choreography for Tweens! We'll be taking sling skills we know and love (and a few new ones) and polishing them by brainstorming transitions, finding new shapes, and focusing on musicality and technique. Drops and spinning will be included in this workshop, but they are not a requirement. Our main focus will be on creating fluid transitions, and moving from skill to skill in ways that will wow an audience and build endurance. Get ready to swing, spin, and point your toes! This workshop is a good fit for most Tween Power and Tween 2 students: participants should be comfortable getting on and off the sling by themselves with no spotter, either in a straddle or a pullover, and transitioning from a hip hang to a sit with a thread-through. Participants should be confident in their ability to lever up to a pike-over from a single knee hook over both sling poles, and double crocheting their legs from a straddle without the use of hands. Come prepared for a challenge of endurance and grip strength

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