Student of the Month

November 2013
Halley Moore
What brought you to Bumbershoot Aerial Arts?
A couple years back, I was going through a rough time. I had just gone through a nasty break up and was in that "I have to change something big- what am I doing with my life" period when most girls get bangs. I already had bangs, so when a friend of mine suggested I take some classes here, despite having no experience, I just threw myself into it.
What is your favorite apparatus to work on?
Definitely lyra. I've taken classes in silks and trapeze too, and enjoyed them, but something about the lyra-the way it moves and the way I can move with it really speaks to me.
What is your favorite thing about Bumbershoot?
The community. If it weren't for the constant encouragement of the coaches and fellow students, I probably wouldn't have stuck it out for this long. With them I have tapped into emotional and physical strengths that I didn't know were there. Not only that, but the diversity of people that come here has connected me with some of the coolest, most interesting people that I wouldn't have otherwise encountered. It doesn't hurt that all of this is centered around playing in the air!
What kinds of things do you do when you aren’t hanging in the air?
I consider myself a "dabbler" because I do all sorts of things. I'm currently trying to devote some more time and energy to my photography. I'm also working on two short film projects with a couple local directors. When I'm at home, I love to cook and bake. Baking is my favorite way of dealing with stress, it clears my head and makes me focused and calm.
When you are having a tough day in class, what do you tell yourself?
I am my own worst critic, so I have trouble with this sometimes. I try to remind myself of how far I've come, and really accept the encouragement of the people around me. A little perspective helps too, how many people out there in the world can do what we do?
Do you have a favorite memory from class or performing?
The first time I came to an Open Aerial. It was a crowded one, all of these people doing exciting things on different apparatuses around the room. I walked in and was a little intimidated by all these amazing, talented people. Right in the middle of this surreal, circus-y room, I realized - whoa - I am part of this.
What is your favorite music?
My tastes are all over the map. It can jump from Miles Davis to Justin Timberlake to Portishead to Tribe Called Quest to Johnny Cash to Black Flag all in the course of a playlist.
What advice would you give to people about Showcase?
Sign up even if you don’t think you are ready. There will always be reasons to put things off, but making the commitment and working your butt off for it is so rewarding. Also, put things in your act that you haven’t quite mastered yet. Nothing helps you get a move down like the focus of rehearsal and the pressure of a deadline. Above all, remember everyone is rooting for you.
What classes are you taking next session?
Hoop 2 and I'm also going to try to commit to regular Open attendance.
What is your philosophy of aerial and life?
I heard this show on NPR about this guy that walked the length of the United States, from coast to coast. When he started to freak out and doubt himself he said something that really stuck with me:
"You know what to do; don’t be afraid; just keep walking."
For me, always pushing, always moving forward is really important. I think it is also really important to listen to your gut and trust yourself.
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