Student of the Month

October 2013
Tena Berry
What brought you to Bumbershoot Aerial Arts?
I took the "try it out" trapeze class and then realized that Bumbershoot was a place where a middle aged woman could fulfill a childhood dream and learn circus tricks. Wow!
What is your favorite apparatus to work on?
I love rope! It's solid, you can see and understand the wraps. Silks may be more beautiful but rope is a lot of fun. I would however like to take more silks and trapeze, as each apparatus has it's own challenges, style and charm.
What is your favorite thing about Bumbershoot?
It's fun! I feel like a kid on a playground. I really appreciate and respect the acceptance of people of all ages and abilities. It's a very nurturing environment where everyone is encouraged to stretch their personal boundaries and not to compare themselves with someone else.
What kinds of things do you do when you aren’t hanging in the air?
I love exploring nature in a variety of ways- hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing rocks and trees, spelunking, orienteering and scuba diving when I get a chance.
What is your favorite dessert?
Rich and creamy chocolate with a glass of milk. Gotta have the milk.
Do you have a favorite memory from class or performing?
Doing my first Salto drop on the rope. I was confident that my instructor wouldn't let me try it if I wasn't ready and she knew my rope was wrapped correctly so I wouldn't fall. Still I paused, as my brain questioned my sanity, before taking a deep breath and letting go. I was scared but it was exhilarating!
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