Student of the Month

May 2017
Kelly Cunningham
What brought you to Bumbershoot Aerial Arts?
I saw some people I know post pictures on Facebook and thought it looked amazing! I actually chickened out of the try-it-out class I signed up for, but made myself sign up for an actual class to make sure I went because I knew I would fall in love. I was a pretty recent college grad as well and knew I wanted something to occupy my time outside of work and Netflix and that would actually make me move and get to meet new people.
What is your favorite apparatus to work on?
I've been working with the silks for over a year and a half now, so I'm partial to that but love the lyra as well.
What is your favorite thing about Bumbershoot?
The atmosphere. I have three older sisters and am used to doing things with a buddy, so I was nervous about trying a new activity on my own and felt so welcomed (even though I eventually convinced all sisters to come and try it ;) ). Especially being a part of the showcase team, I really felt a connection to the studio and others who pour their heart and soul into aerial.
What kinds of things do you do when you aren’t hanging in the air?
Working, hanging out, reading, watching Netflix documentaries, eating, and traveling when I can.
What is your favorite dessert?
I haven't met a dessert I haven't liked, but really anything with chocolate.
When you are having a tough day in class, what do you tell yourself?
Take a deep breath and not to get down on myself. Even if I can't hit a particular trick that day, I've still done more than sit on the couch all day and the next class will be better.
What is your favorite trick? Least favorite?
Superman drop and crossback straddle are my favorites. Shoefly to crossback is my least, but I'm warming up to it.
If you could run away to a desert island with one person from Bumbershoot who would it be?
That's so hard! Can I bring you all?? But I'll say Alison Headley or Cortney Kiefer because they were so great to work with for showcase.
Do you have a favorite memory from class or performing?
There are so many, but a week or two ago we did different climbs at the end of my Silks 3 class and Jerome told me he could tell I was getting stronger and it completely made my week. I can tell I've been getting stronger the last year and half since starting aerial, but having others able to see it too was really cool.
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