Student of the Month

November 2016
Hannah Miller
What brought you to Bumbershoot Aerial Arts?
I was intrigued by an aerial arts poster I saw while visiting Colorado several years ago, but the city I was living in at the time didn’t have a studio. When I learned I was moving to St. Louis, I found Bumbershoot online. After 8 hard months of adjusting to living here, I knew I needed something to look forward to and finally got the guts to sign up for classes!
What is your favorite apparatus to work on?
Trapeze when I want to feel strong, silks when I want to be expressive and graceful, and rope when I don't mind having my ego roughed up.
What is your favorite thing about Bumbershoot?
I love that I'm supported in my efforts and failures, not simply my abilities or performance. I love learning to inhabit my body in an ever-bolder way and all the redemption that comes with that for me. I love being surrounded by passionate people who are real about their journeys and inspire brave growth in others.
What kinds of things do you do when you aren’t hanging in the air?
I spend much of my free time studying and practicing creative writing and yearning for the day I can pursue this craft more formally once again. In the meantime, I'm working toward a master's degree in counseling, fostering special-needs cats, being active on the ground, and climbing mountain ranges as often as possible with my husband.
What is your favorite dessert?
Goat cheesecake with ganache! Also buttercream (plus cake). Anything with sugar and butter.
When you are having a tough day in class, what do you tell yourself?
I try to tap into the frustration emotionally and physically to learn more about myself and what I'm honestly struggling with (note to self: it’s rarely just about aerial). I’m often too stubborn for my own good and the wisest thing I can do is take a break and come back when I’m being more compassionate toward myself. I find cheering for and learning from other students to be helpful in abating my negative self-judgments.
What is your favorite trick? Least favorite?
I'm having a lot of fun chasing hip circles and toe hangs on trapeze! I love all drops (so far) on silks and rope, especially stacked drops. Belay shapes on silks are mesmerizing. I have so many favorites!
If you could run away to a desert island with one person from Bumbershoot who would it be?
I’d pack everybody onto my boat.
Do you have a favorite memory from class or performing?
Any time I almost opted out of trying something intimidating but chose to not let anxiety win, or any time I first got a trick that had eluded me for a while. I always feel so courageous and proud in the days after collecting those small victories.
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