Student of the Month

August 2014
Lisa Beal
What brought you to Bumbershoot Aerial Arts?
a. I was doing a show a few years ago with someone who was a student at the time. She kept showing up to rehearsals with these awesome stories about taking classes with Joelle, and when she talked about the free trapeze class I decided to give it a try. I’ve never been good at going to the gym on a regular basis, so the thought of something a little different was appealing to me. That was three years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since!
What is your favorite apparatus to work on?
I’ve always been a trapeze fan, though I’ve often wished I had more time to try hoop! Someday I want to take a private lesson with the goal being to spend 5 minutes on every apparatus.
What is your favorite thing about Bumbershoot?
I love that I can walk into the studio and forget what’s going on elsewhere in life. Doing something that demands compete focus is both liberating and freeing. I also love the idea of working out while playing. I’ve gained so much strength without even realizing it!
What kinds of things do you do when you aren’t hanging in the air?
I work in inside sales for my dad’s manufacturer’s rep company during the week, and I teach horseback riding lessons on the weekends. Beyond that I ride my own horse and try to have the occasional date night with my husband :)
What is your favorite dessert?
There’s an awesome ice cream shop in Columbia, MO called Sparky’s – I always bring coolers filled with ice when I go visit my in laws there so I can bring pints home with me!
When you are having a tough day in class, what do you tell yourself?
I’ve been trying, especially lately as I’m coming back from a broken collarbone, to be extremely patient with myself. I try to remember that the things I’m doing don’t happen overnight, but that’s what makes them rewarding when they’re successful. It’s also amazing how much progress you can make just by breathing!
What would you tell someone who was having a hard time learning something new?
Anything can happen if you put the time and work into it. When I first started taking classes, I couldn’t touch my toes, much less do a pull up, and thankfully both of those come pretty easily now. It’s also a great dose in perspective to remember where you were some time ago and compare it to now. Chances are you’ve come a long way!
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