Scholarship Fund

We believe that teaching Aerial empowers people and fosters joy, delight, and confidence in a life changing way. Many of you have experienced this. We want to give people an opportunity to support Bumbershoot's efforts to enhance the lives of people in our St. Louis community through Aerial Artistry.

We would like to be able to offer training opportunities for those who could not otherwise afford them, and we would like to be able to take Aerial into schools to work with kids that cannot come to us.

100% of all contributions made to our scholarship fund goes into a separate bank account to be used exclusively for the following causes:

  • Paying for Aerial training for carefully selected individuals (children and adults) who we believe would benefit in a life-changing way, but cannot afford to train at Bumbershoot.
  • Paying for a free standing rig for the purpose of teaching Aerial at schools to kids that could not otherwise experience Aerial for themselves.

To donate:

Send your checks made payable to Bumbershoot with "Scholarship fund" written in the memo to:

Bumbershoot Aerial Arts
2200 Gravois Avenue
St. Louis, MO. 63104.