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Amy's aerialist soul is supported and nourished by her husband and three great and challenging kids. She always wanted to be an acrobat, and finally got her chance to become an aerial rock star at age 28. She feels that Bumbershoot's non-competitive atmosphere creates an outlet for creativity that allows everyone to shine.  "in my experience, all moms are potential aerialists, having honed their talents for strength, balance, mental toughness, and flexibility with the constant juggling act of parenthood."  As a member of the Bumbershoot family, she cheers along with her students as they add form, grace, and edge to their new skills.

Amy has been training aerial since 2010. She always seeks out opportunities to learn and grow, through workshops with professional circus and performance artists, to NECCA and Nimbl Arts teacher trainings, Paper Doll Militia workshops  and learning from skilled instructors  from Canada to Texas and beyond! She strongly believes that the confidence gained doing aerial work, has the power to transform all areas of life.