Our Values


  • Safety is our first concern in all decision making, methods, policies, and programs. 
  • At this time we are requiring all students ages 9 and up to wear a mask while in the building including on the apparatus. Masks should fit snugly and cover both the mouth And nose. Students are welcome to step away from the group to take a sip of water or step outside to take breathing breaks. During this time we have limited class size to CDC guidelines so that we can provide social distance and limit apparatus sharing. We appreciate your help in keeping our staff and fellow students safe.
  • All of our rigging is purchased from reputable, suppliers, inspected regularly, and retired at appropriate times.
  • All of our teaching has a heavy focus on injury prevention and safe technique and we instill respect in our students for risk management and safety.
High Quality Instruction

  • Our coaches are committed to ongoing training and personal development.
  • We continually evaluate our teaching styles and approaches, making sure they are approachable, effective, and well informed.
  • We are intentional about what we teach and when in order to help students understand what they are doing, why, and how it works.
Personal Best

  • We encourage students not to compare themselves to others, do their best, give themselves grace, and celebrate where they are at.
  • We believe in doing a thing for the love of it and because it is a good thing -not as a way to out do yourself or others.
  • Start with self acceptance, then pursue awesome things because they are awesome!
Humility and Care

  • We love what we do and we want to share the love with our students, the community, and the world at large.
  • Our coaches know A LOT but no one knows everything so if we don't know the answer to something, we will tell you the truth and then find out for you.
  • We do not undervalue our knowledge and expertise but we know that true wisdom breeds humility, approachability and being down to earth.
Playfulness and Creativity

  • Playfulness and creativity are good for the soul.
  • We believe that people were made to create and invent, and that it is part of living a full and vibrant life!
  • Bumbershoot is a great place to playfully cultivate and express your artistic side in a safe and supportive environment.
Health, Nutrition, and the Body

  • We encourage people to respect their bodies through plenty of sleep, lots of water, a balanced diet, stretching, and an active life style.
  • We encourage people to work with their bodies and not against them by learning to listen and respect the messages it gives.
  • Being in tune with your body will help you to make the most of your training and also improve your life and experience as a human!
Staying Present

  • We ask our student and our staff to put aside distractions from their day when they come in to train and teach so that they can be fully present.
  • We all get the most out of our time this way and we also get a break from other aspects of life.
  • We find that Aerial training can and does increase clarity and ability to focus.
Supportive Community

  • We encourage team spirit and caring for those around us.
  • Our classes naturally bond, encourage one another as well as celebrate each other's successes and joyfully share in each other's journeys.

  • We strive to seek out and celebrate beauty in all aspects of life.
  • We like to point out, encourage, and celebrate beauty in the human spirit especially.
  • True beauty is inviting, and life enriching, and it was meant to be shared.

  • We value team players and group participation.

  • We believe in cultivating an environment of respect.
  • We respect the human body, our training and other's, the well being of our industry, safety, our time and yours, and the structures in place that protect these things.

  • We want our students to be patient with themselves and move at the pace that is right for them.
  • We push back against the natural pressure to get everything perfect on the first try or to be able to move on to the next level in a certain amount of time.
  • Aerial work is worthwhile and wonderful but not easy so don't rush, just be where you are at.