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Straddle Up Power

If you're not ready to register for a 6-week class, this class allows drop-ins.   Buy a drop-in card here.


Ages 13 and up. Take your straddle inversions to the next level in this exciting inversion focused, action packed, conditioning class! Whether you are struggling to get your straddle from the ground, from the air, or just wanting a fabulous workout to improve your already strong straddle, this class is for you! This class is especially helpful for students in Silks Intro, Silks 1, Intro to Hoop, Hoop 1, Intro to Trapeze, and Trapeze 1 who are working towards the next level. This class is also open for drop ins and as makeups for students who have already taken a 6 week intro class or have been approved by their instructor.

Current Offerings of Straddle Up Power: