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I find beauty in athleticism and strength, and have played soccer, skated halfpipes, lifted weights, swung on scaffolding, and loved anything that went fast and made my muscle sing. I discovered aerial arts in 2007 and never looked back.  As an original member of a Aireality, a performance aerial troupe at city museum, I performed as a trapeze artist and ultimate diva ringmaster. As a student at Bumbershoot Aerial Arts from its inception, I have rocked trap, silks, and my current passionate love of rope.  Bumbershoot is my joy and my outlet for creativity and artistic expression thru my body and the bodies of those I choreograph, such as the trusting and loyal ladies of Mid-Life Circus. As a coach I hope to share the love and life-changing power with you, of finding your upside-down dream and working hard towards achieving it, one new skill and drop at a time.  Come and play on the aerial journey with me!